Sunday, July 29, 2012

I hate shin splints

I'm trying to concentrate on writing a short blog post, but it is difficult when NBC is broadcasting the women's synchronized diving competition. I never knew there was synchronized diving, but then the camera keeps showing what appears to be a hot tub every time the Italian women are in it. Tough to keep my focus. Anyway, today I went for a run for the first time since running in Wisconsin on July 5. My right leg was in pain all that night and it really didn't let up for a couple of weeks. It hurt when I slept. It hurt along the shins. It hurt along the calf muscle. It hurt when I walked. It … hurt. Well, it was shin splints. The best thing to do was to rest. And buy new shoes just for running. I used my old shoes for running, walking, working out at the Y, bike riding, hanging out -- everything. But Saturday I bought new shoes, Brooks Beast 10 is what they're called, and my feet and legs love me for it. I have flat feet, and I've had seven knee surgeries, so I shouldn't be playing around. Now I'm not. Benny and I walked to Kezar Stadium today. With the walk itself, my leg felt better. Benny and I ran six laps around the track, stopping after each lap to assess how we both felt. He was fantastic, finishing each lap at least a minute ahead of me. At home tonight, my legs still feel good. Now if only I had a hot tub with the Italian women's synchronized diving team.

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